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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Our customers chose to use our services because we have CREDIT SPECIALISTS that concentrate and service people that want the best vehicle at the best interest rate for their situation. We’ve worked with thousands of customers and Dealership Partners to ensure you get what you need when you need it for the payment you deserve. Our advantage is that we have financial partners that understand your story and work for you!
    Whether or not this can rebuild your credit is something that must be discussed with your financial provider, typically when a vehicle is purchased, your payments are recorded to the credit bureau. If you are diligent and pay all the payments in a timely manner, over time it has the potential in rebuilding your credit. We can tell you that a large percentage of our customers will have better credit after working with our professional process.
    Our office is located at 19990 Hwy. 11 Bradford, Ontario, L3Z 2B6. 45 minutes from Toronto, 30 minutes drive from Barrie, 10 minutes from Newmarket; easy to find on Hwy 11.
    Not exactly. We simply help our clients find programs that are made to assist our customers who are credit challenged or even if you have no credit at all. We pair our clients with appropriate lenders taking all the stress out of financing.
    The pre-approval is based on several factors. Once you’ve applied, our professionals will work out the variety of vehicles that will fit within your budget.
    We believe transparency is very important. Our Terms and Conditions are as listed here. Although, understand that the terms and conditions may vary depending on the information provided in your application.
    Yes, a credit check is necessary in the process to getting you approved.
    Absolutely! Any additional income will ultimately help with any approval process.
    It is not always the case; we are often able to assist clients without a cosigner. Whether or not a cosigner is needed depends on the information in the application. They are absolutely free to apply. It’s always beneficial to know all of your options!
    We have availability in all makes and models and thousands at our disposal in the forms of trucks, cars, SUV’s and Minivans.
    The calculator is an accurate gauge, however, an application will need to be filled out to be 100% accurate.
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      After you fill out the online application from the comfort of your home. The information that we will require is minimal to secure your approval. From that point, it’s in the hands of our credit specialist. The more information you can provide us will empower your credit specialist in securing the best rates and terms. Remember, we work with a 100% approval rate.
      We welcome trade-in vehicles even if there is still a lien on it. You can use your trade-in to lower your monthly payments or even use it for a downpayment for your new vehicle.
      For every problem, there is always a solution. That is where working with our Credit Specialist on an individual basis will work for you. We have great success in dealing with every credit situation, working with a 100% approval rate.
      To get the process starts with the application and it only takes 2 minutes. After you’ve been contacted you could be driving your new vehicle in 24hrs.
      Every lender has different requirements that’s where our experience saves time and ensures you your approval.
      There is no obligation to purchase a vehicle. However, we will contact you to discuss your approval and options.
      Depending on the lender, most loans require zero dollars down.
      Yes, a great deal of our clients are in the same situation you are. We have an excellent success rate in securing the right vehicle and terms for you.
      We carry a wide variety of vehicles! From Sedans, to Trucks, SUVs and Vans.
      The interest rate is all dependent on the vehicle you select. We facilitate loans as low as prime.
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