Bad Credit In Ontario | Get Approved Today

We work with all major banks to get you approved!

Are you worried about car loan approval? Curious about interest rates on car loans because you have bad credit? Let the Ontario Credit Centre help get you driving today.

I have bad credit, could I still qualify today?

 The answer is yes! Enter your information at our website and see which loans you qualify for right now. If you don’t find terms to your liking, apply the steps we’ve suggested for you here to get into the right position to get approved with bad credit for a car loan today.

You will feel so good when you see your pre-approval notice. It is well worth the effort to clean up your credit.

It is so easy to apply through our online system.

Bad Credit? We Can Help.

Are you worried about your poor credit?

Here is how we can help:

  • Matching you with a lender providing rates you can afford;
  • The right match will help you build your credit as you make timely payments each period;
  • Over time we can get your rate down and lower the payment.
  • Build your credit and prove to the banks you are in good standing.
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