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Getting Approved In Ontario | The Experience

Now is the time to get you approved for a car loan in Ontario. Our credit specialists are passionate, professionals that are here to take care of securing an auto loan in Ontario that works for your needs and wants. Let us help you rebuild your credit and establish a credit history, that is our job. If you are young and buying your first car or you have been through a divorce and need the support? Maybe you have excellent credit? We can help. We can get you out exploring in the car of your dreams at a price you can afford.

The Car Loan Experience

Ontario Credit Centre is a website that empowers you in your borrowing experience. You can apply for loans at Ontario Credit Centre in the comfort of your own home. There is no stress here! We will provide you with pre-approval if you qualify for a car loan in Ontario. Our loan calculator removes the guesswork from the car loan experience.



  • Always be able to make it to your job in your new or used car that is piece of mind.
  • Our Credit Specialists will help build or improve your credit score
  • Hassle free financing means less stress and a simple process to get you driving.
  • Apply right from your house with no haggling or pressure
  • The loan calculator will remove the guesswork from the application process
  • 24/7 – 365 Days Support for your peace of mind
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Getting Approved At Ontario Credit Center Is Easy!

Are You Worried About Bad Credit? You Shouldn’t!

We Specialize In Approvals

No more worries! Sometimes when you try and buy a vehicle you can be in a situation where you don’t get approved. In our case that will not happen! We specialize in all types of credit and work with all major banks.

Decades of Experience

We’ve been approving happy customers just like you for decades! Through experience we understand all types of situations – Divorce, Death in the Family, Bad Credit, No Credit, Good Credit. The goal is for us to help YOU no matter what the situation is.

Music To Your Ears

Nobody likes to be in a position that makes it difficult to get approved. Bad things happen to good people and we understand that. In many cases, we bring smiles to customers due to our highly successful process. We work for you, ensuring you get the payment and vehicle that suits your needs.

Easy To Work With

Have you ever bought a new or used car and been in a negotiation that was uncomfortable? You aren’t the only one. At Ontario Credit Center we do the opposite. We take pride in being specialists in automotive finance.  Our team is easy to work with and make the process of obtaining credit simple.

We Work WITH You

Getting Approved for an Auto Loan is just the beginning to a bright future. Our job is to work WITH you over time. In some cases to re-build your credit or simply drop the interest rate. Our finance agents take the time to understand your needs so we can get the best payment to meet your lifestyle.

Warranty? Insurance?

Warranty and insurance are always important factors to take into consideration. At Ontario Credit Center, not only are we looking out for your credit needs we also make sure you are looked after in regards to these important factors.


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